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Published on 11 June 2021 at 18:53

by Reka Toth

As a collaborative leader, you may know the value that Life QI can bring to running improvement projects. But there is no use in the cutting-edge functionalities if your users have trouble figuring out how they can benefit from using the software and what you want them to do when they are first onboarded.

Many leaders struggle to quickly orientate and educate their project teams to fully use Life QI in their improvement work without the ability to add resources, videos and other useful information to the start page. And that’s where our new bespoke welcome page comes in handy.

With the ability to control the type and amount of information displayed on a welcome page users can be greeted with everything the collaborative leaders feel necessary to orientate teams and ensure their project experience is kick-started smoothly.

Check out this sample welcome page and get inspired!

Welcome Page Example - 05

Joining a collaborative has never been so easy

First impressions count for a lot, especially when it comes to the adoption of new software. Releasing a new tool to users without guidance can leave them feeling confused. So, if you want your users to get engaged with the software and be an active part of the collaborative’s work, you need to start educating them from the moment they start using it.

With this upcoming Life QI feature collaborative leaders will be empowered to create a welcome page full of all the information and resources you want project teams to be greeted with. With a well-structured welcome page, you will be able to give users a sense of what they’ll need to do in order to get what they need from Life QI. It not only helps them to build confidence with the platform but is key to increase project activity.

So, ensure that new team members feel comfortable from day one and provide them with all the information they need to join the collaborative and start working on projects. Do you want to greet them with a welcome message or create a checklist with the first steps to take? Would you like to educate them with a video or useful files? Or maybe you are looking for a mix of all of these? The choice is yours!

The new welcome page will make it possible to virtually welcome new users to your collaborative, explain the structure of your work, communicate your vision and share valuable resources with participants.

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