Quicker onboarding for Collaboratives

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Published on 11 June 2021 at 18:52

by Reka Toth

When launching a new collaborative the user onboarding stage is always critical in building early momentum amongst teams. You would like to catapult your team members into their projects in Life QI quickly, but sometimes delays as a result of the full user verification process prevent users being onboarded in a timely manner and causes confusion and frustration both for you and for your users.

To solve these challenges and to make it easier for distributed teams to work together on improving the quality of care, we’re excited to announce an updated onboarding experience which will prevent any delays when launching a new collaborative and will provide a smooth and rapid sign-up experience for new users joining a Life QI collaborative.


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Help your users sign up, log in and work on their projects with ease

Registering on a new platform is a chore. Especially when you come to the site to get a job done right now. Not tomorrow. Without immediate access to the project, you can feel frustrated and waiting for hours - or even days - to be approved can cause loss of motivation.

Life QI’s updated onboarding will make the process of joining a collaborative quicker. Whether you run a collaborative of ten or ten thousand users, it only takes a few minutes to onboard your team members.
When you send invitations, new users will receive an email from Life QI, and following some simple steps they will be able to log straight into Life QI and work on their projects. With the easy registration and the new bespoke welcome page, as a collaborative leader you can make sure that new users become productive as quickly as possible.

With less steps in the sign-up process teams can begin working on their projects without having to wait for their accounts to be manually verified by their organisation.

To make this streamlined process possible we removed the obligation to select your organisation during the sign up, but once onboarded, users still have the option to link themselves to their organisation and get verified. This will then give them access to other work taking place at their organisation.

This update will fundamentally speed up the user onboarding process and provide a refined approach for all Collaborative leaders.

We invest continuously in new tools and features to make improvement work easier. Follow us and be the first to know about our upcoming features.



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