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Published on 18 January 2022 at 17:39

by Faezeh Jahani

Our goal for the new Life QI platform is all about personalising your experience and giving the flexibility back to you. The text options aren't excluded from our goal either. We now offer text formatting to enhance the presentation of your information. Some of the important text formatting options which are available as part of the rich text feature are listed below:

  1. Various text styles: You can customise your text in three different heading sizes (large, medium and small) to grab the readers attention. You could also highlight important information and add hyperlinks.
  2. Tasklist: You can make a list of the actions required with the checkbox to monitor their completion.
  3. Listed texts: Bulleted and numbered texts are available especially for summary points or important information.
  4. Table: Present and organise your information in a table with options to have as many rows and columns.
  5. Notice board: The rich text includes three different notice boards: 1)info, 2)warning and 3)tip notice. The notice boards have a dedicated template to draw the readers attention to highlighted information.

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 22.46.48


To see your formatting options, simply type '/' and all your options come up to choose from. The other method is to highlight the text you want to be formatted and the options will again appear. 



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