Inviting and managing project teams in one place

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Published on 11 June 2021 at 18:20

by Reka Toth

If you’re leading a collaborative, you likely have multiple projects to setup and launch at the same time. But keeping track of all the moving pieces can get complicated, and fast. Without a good process for inviting and managing project teams, it becomes a really time consuming and monotonous activity.

At Life QI we work hard to enable our customers to work efficiently and we are pleased to introduce another change that further streamlines the collaborative setup and onboarding process. Read on to learn how this exciting enhancement will make it easier than ever to build out project teams and invite new users en masse.

Invite multiple users with a click

After weeks of planning and getting buy-in on your projects, you are finally ready to get started with your collaborative. You have already created multiple projects and chosen the best people for each team. Now it’s time to add invite all the team members to their projects.

You create the team, you assign users who will work in that particular team one by one and you repeat the same process for the other teams as well. Sounds annoying, right?

Not anymore! Fortunately, a better way of building teams is arriving. Whether you’re struggling to add new team members to your projects or managing your existing team, Life QI’s improved project team functionality will be for you! This new feature will allow team members to be quickly added to individual projects without having to open each project separately.

You’ll be able to build or adjust each team quickly and invite all teams at the same time directly on the project card with the click of a button. No more wasting time of setting up a team first or having to open each project to update the team.

See how it will work:

Managing project teams in one place - 01


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