Charting your survey results

Picture of Andrew Lavender

Published on 11 June 2020 at 18:09

by Andrew Lavender

Surveys are regularly used at various stages of QI initiatives - they could be used to canvas opinions from staff, to identify areas of interest, or to quantify patient satisfaction.  Surveys are a simple, but effective tool in informing us if our improvement attempts are moving in the right direction.


The new flexibility and charting options available in Life QI v3 make it perfect for storing and visualising the results of your surveys.  Now you can keep the results alongside the rest of your QI work – right where you need them!


Running repeat surveys to track progress over time? No problem. You can now template your results chart and apply that to your future surveys, then view all the results in the same place! Simple.


Charting Survey Results - 01



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