Team communication & feedback with comments & mentions

Picture of Andrew Lavender

Published on 1 May 2020 at 09:30

by Andrew Lavender

Effective team collaboration is key to success in any improvement initiative.  To better facilitate that we have updated our “Discussions” feature to become “Comments”.  You can now comment on any element of your work and instigate discussion with your colleagues. In addition to that, and completely new to Life QI are @ mentions.  Similar to many social and collaboration platforms, you can now mention specific colleagues in your comments to alert them to your comment or even prompt a response.


Perhaps you want team input on that Driver Diagram you just made, maybe you need advice from on your latest SPC chart, or you just want to check in with the team – comments will  transform the way you collaborate with colleagues on Life QI and help to further engage everyone in the improvement process.





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