Time to get organised with Task Lists

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Published on 2 June 2020 at 13:48

by Andrew Lavender

Delivering improvement often involves the cooperation of multiple stakeholders and the combination of many project elements.  This makes managing improvement work a real challenge! We want to make this process as efficient as possible for project or program leaders, as well as for the individuals contributing to the effort.


When you need to get things done, the first thing many of us do is…make a list!  That’s why ‘Tasks’ have been introduced as a core feature to Life QI. Those of you who are familiar with the current system, will know that task lists are currently limited to specific PDSA’s. Well, that’s about to change.  You will now be able to create, manage and allocate tasks for virtually anything!


Make lists of tasks with instructions, checklists and timelines. Assign tasks to project participants and track the progress of your tasks. The possibilities are endless…


  • Build a list of tasks to complete before implement a new change
  • Record a list of actions from a recent team meeting and sign them to individuals
  • Make a quick task list for yourself so you know exactly where you are at next time you log in


Check out this example of a project task list to guide you through the project workflow…








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