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Published on 3 June 2020 at 09:32

by Jason Williams

Life QI v3 will see the introduction of Ideas. A space to capture, share and develop your improvement ideas before they are taken forward as projects. This is an exciting development that expands the functionality to provide a more complete healthcare improvement solution.


Capturing and developing an idea

Our standard Idea board will contain a few guiding fields to help you capture the basics of your idea and rate its impact. It is then up to you to use the suite of improvement tools and other content (e.g. checklists, text, images, videos, files) to present your idea in as much depth as you see fit.


Add some root cause data in a pareto chart, add some baseline data in a SPC chart, begin working on your logic model for tackling the project in a driver diagram. Add descriptions of any suggested solutions or change ideas that could be tested out if the idea is taken forward. Provide evidence of the problem through SPC charts but also upload files, include images or embed videos. Whatever is needed to capture, share and develop your idea.


Check out this short video showing an example Idea board …



Organisations using the Workflows add-on will also be able to create their own Idea board templates. Using your own custom templates ensures staff capturing ideas are guided through preparing the information you require in the format you want it to allow an informed evaluation to take place before going ahead with the idea.


Sharing and collaborating on ideas

Idea boards have members, just like Projects already do, so your Idea will automatically be visible to your colleagues and you can invite colleagues to join the Idea so they can contribute to it.


Shaping an idea, much like brainstorming, is most powerful when done collaboratively. With our newly updated collaborative working tools – comments and mentions – this is easier and more effective than ever before.




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